Tennis leagues

Easy create and manage leagues, customize the league format, manage players and groups, and track comprehensive statistics

SportyPlus league module provides a comprehensive solution for creating and managing leagues. Our software allows you to create multiple groups with any number of players, add and remove players during the league, automatically generate matches, and track statistics for league matches. With our intuitive interface and customizable options, you can easily set up and manage your league to suit your needs.

Book courts from league

ELO and classic league format

Make changes or cancellations, automate repeated bookings

Freeze position at any point

Comprehensive statistics

Add and remove players mid-season

>With our tennis league module, club managers and members can easily create and manage their own leagues and tournaments within the SportyPlus app. No need to use separate third-party solutions, as everything is seamlessly integrated into the rest of the app. In just a few minutes, you can create and customize a league for any age group or skill level. This saves time and hassle while also providing a comprehensive solution for all your league and tournament needs.

Main features

Setup wizard

With our easy wizard, setting up a new league is a breeze. In just a few clicks, you can customize your league with options like the number of rounds of play, the number of groups, and more.

Homepage dashboard

With a well-designed dashboard, members can quickly see their current and past participation in leagues and tournaments, as well as view their rankings and performance statistics. They can also see upcoming events and sign up for new leagues or tournaments that are open for registration.

Privat or public

Open league allows all members to join, while a private league gives the administrator the ability to invite selected members. If you choose to make your league open, you can set a time frame for onboarding new players. Whether you want a league for all members or a more exclusive experience, our software has you covered.

Classic league

Our classic league feature allows you to create groups, set rules for advancement and relegation between groups, name each group, and specify the number of players in each group. You can also determine the number of points awarded for winning, playing, or winning a set, and set the number of rounds for the league.

ELO league

Our ELO league feature allows players to compete against each other in a single group, using the ELO system to determine rankings and points. Players can play against each other as many times as they like, with the ELO system automatically updating rankings and points after each match. With the ELO league feature, clubs can easily set up and manage a unique and engaging league experience for their members.

League cycles

With the tennis league module, you have the option to create multiple cycles of your league. After each cycle, you can either create a new cycle with redistributed players based on their results in the previous cycle, or you can create a tournament featuring players from the league and seed them automatically based on their performance in the league. This feature allows you to easily manage your league and keep the competition fresh and exciting for your players.

Show interest

Members who are not currently participating in a league can express their interest in joining a future league. This allows club managers to gauge interest and potentially create new leagues or expand existing ones.

Freeze position

Members who are not currently participating in a league can express their interest in joining a future league. This allows club managers to gauge interest and potentially create new leagues or expand existing ones.

Comprehensive player statistics

Comprehensive player statistics can be a valuable resource for players, coaches, and fans alike, helping them to better understand the performance of their favorite players and identify areas for improvement.

Additional league features

Our league module offers a range of additional features and options to help you manage your club more efficiently.

Add and remove players mid-season

This flexibility can help to ensure that the competition remains fair and balanced, even if a player is unable to continue participating due to injury, scheduling conflicts, or other factors

Precentage of played matches

This statistic provides a clear picture of how many matches have been played overall, as well as for each group

Easy messaging

Automatically creating threads for every group in the league, as well as a thread for all league members

ELO rating

Automatically update ELO rating based on the result of league match

If the feature you need is not available, we will develop it for you for free

...and more

With SportyPlus, you can relieve yourself of the tedious tasks of club management and focus on what really matters - growing your club and improving the experience for your members. Try our app today and see how it can help you manage your club more efficiently.