ELO ladder system

Automatically generated player ratings for quick identification of individual strengths within the club

Our ladder system is a great way to engage your members and create a competitive and exciting environment for them. ELO rating system tracks player performance and strength, using every played game, whether friendly or in a tournament, to update rankings and provide a reliable assessment of player performance.

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About ELO rating

The ELO rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in zero-sum games such as chess or tennis. It is named after its creator Arpad Elo, a Hungarian-American physics professor. The ELO rating system is used by the World Chess Federation (FIDE) to rank chess players, and it has been adopted by many other sports and games.

In the ELO system, each player is assigned a rating based on their past performance. When two players compete, the winner gains points and the loser loses points based on the difference between their ratings.

Suppose Player One has a rating of 1400 and Player Two has a rating of 1600. The constant K is set to 32, which means that the result of the game will have a significant impact on the players ratings.

The expected outcome for each player is calculated based on their ratings and the probability of each player winning the game. Let's say that the expected outcome for Player One is 0.43 (meaning that they have a 43% chance of winning the game) and the expected outcome for Player Two is 0.57 (meaning that they have a 57% chance of winning).

If Player One wins the game, the new ratings for each player would be calculated as follows:

Player One: New Rating = 1400 + 32 * (1 - 0.43) = 1413

Player Two: New Rating = 1600 + 32 * (0 - 0.57) = 1587

If Player Two wins the game, the new ratings would be calculated as follows:

Player One: New Rating = 1400 + 32 * (0 - 0.43) = 1387

Player Two: New Rating = 1600 + 32 * (1 - 0.57) = 1613

In both cases, the new ratings reflect the outcome of the game and accurately reflect the relative strengths of the players. The ratings can then be used to compare the players to each other and to other players in the club or league.

The ELO rating system is designed to be self-correcting, so that players ratings will tend to converge on their true skill levels over time. This makes it an effective way to rank players and track their performance.

Main features

Comprehensive player statistics

These statistics can include a wide range of data, such as a player's win-loss record, their average rating, the number of games they have played, and their record against other players. By analyzing these statistics, players can get a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and identify areas for improvement.

Automated tournament seedings using ELO ratings

You can use our system to automatically generate seedings for your tennis tournaments based on ELO ratings. The seedings can be based on the ratings of individual players or on the ratings of teams, depending on your specific needs. This is particularly useful for tournaments with a large number of participants, as it helps to ensure that the most skilled players are evenly distributed throughout the bracket and that the matches are as balanced as possible.

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Age-specific ladders for improved competitive balance

Our system offers age-specific ladders to help ensure that players of similar ages and skill levels are matched up against each other, leading to more competitive and enjoyable matches.

Additional features

Our ELO ladder module offers a range of additional features and options to help you manage your club more efficiently.

24-hour verification system

24-hour verification system ensures that all match results are accurately recorded and reflected in player ratings. If an opponent fails to verify a result or disputes it, the system will automatically verify the result and award the appropriate ELO points to the players.

Calculate VS points

Our system calculates the possible win or loss points for every player in a ladder using the ELO rating system formula. This allows players to see how their rating may be impacted by the outcome of a match and helps them to understand the level of competition they are facing.

Match rating indication

Our system provides a match rating indication to show players how many matches their ELO rating is based on. This can be helpful in understanding the reliability and accuracy of a player's rating, as ratings based on a larger number of matches are generally considered to be more reliable.

Hide inactive players

Our system includes a feature that automatically hides inactive players who have not played a match in the past six months. This helps to ensure that the ratings and rankings lists only include players who are currently active and competing

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