Real-time score tracking

Follow the action and support your fellow club member

Experience the excitement of live tennis like never before with our real-time score tracking feature. Club members can track scores and watch live updates of matches on the app, as well as comment on live matches.

Simple and advanced input options

Comments on live matches

High-quality streaming with minimal lag

Smooth and intuitive user interface

Our score tracking module includes module for real-time score tracking and live broadcasting, both of which offer numerous benefits for clubs and their managers. Live streaming of matches to the club members can increase engagement and excitement for club events, leading to increased retention and potentially even new memberships. In addition, our software ensures high-quality streaming and minimal lag for live broadcasts. Overall, these features are effective tools for club success.

Main features

Flexible solution

Real-time score tracking allows you to easily start tracking scores mid-match. Whether you forgot to track the scores at the beginning of the match or you joined the match late, our software makes it simple to pick up where you left off.

Simple and advanced

Our live module offers both advanced and simple options for tracking scores and statistics. Plus, you have the option to manually or automatically change players' sides, pause the game, and even disable comments if desired.

Global audience

Easily stream matches to a global audience with our special API that provides an optimized way to stream data. This is especially useful if your club is hosting a big tennis tournament and looking to provide a result live stream for TV. Our software ensures high-quality streaming with minimal lag and interruption, making it the perfect solution for broadcasting your club's matches to a wide audience.

Additional live score tracking features

Our live score tracking module offers a range of additional features and options to help you manage your club more efficiently.

Easy tracking

With customizable input options, the input buttons are automatically changed based on which side of the court the player is on, ensuring that scores are accurately recorded even when there are side changes.

Easy find

Automatic display live results for matches that are being live-broadcasted on the club's match schedule page as well as on home page dashboard.


Whether you accidentally input the wrong score or need to revert to a previous score, our software makes it easy to undo the last point.

If the feature you need is not available, we will develop it for you for free

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With SportyPlus, you can relieve yourself of the tedious tasks of club management and focus on what really matters - growing your club and improving the experience for your members. Try our app today and see how it can help you manage your club more efficiently.